Plant Health Care

Healthy Payback; Protect and Preserve what is working for the life and longevity of your green assets.

Your landscape is the welcome mat and concierge to your property. Bad curb appeal is a deterrent to existing tenants, and prospective ones as well.

Insects, pathogens, weeds and weather changes may be working against your investment. Village Green has horticulturists and pest control operators to create a plan for monitoring fertilization, insect and pathogen activity, proactive weed control and enlists arborists and other experts to address specifics of unique plant profiles.

Village Green takes preventative measures to ensure the health of your landscape by:

  • Conducting regular site inspections to monitor for pest activity
  • Following best management practices for routine care of landscape, creating a healthy environment for plant growth
  • Utilizing appropriate plant selection to replace old, worn plants which are more susceptible to pest infestations
  • Seeking biological, cultural or organic controls as feasible to remedy problem areas

You can count on Village Green to protect the health of your landscape assets, ensuring an inviting site for years to come.