Revive, Replace, Refresh

Revive your assets through replacement of outdated “cost drains.”

Replacing specific turf areas and renovating existing landscapes with “California-friendly” plant material, landscape containers, and effective plant selection will revive your property and eliminate cost. Reviving and replacing outdated and tired planting beds and turf will maintain your property at a high quality standard, while saving you money in the long run.

Critical turf areas can be irrigated and managed to reduce water and maintenance costs, while keeping that curb appeal by:

  • Retrofitting heads and nozzles for efficient coverage
  • Using weather-sensing controllers for accurate scheduling
  • Scheduled fertilization and pest control for healthy turf
  • Regular aeration and dethatching to improve water penetration

Tools used to ensure measurable success include:

  • Flow meters
  • Smart controllers
  • High-efficiency irrigation and water monitoring systems

The win-win approach to renovated landscapes means that new improved landscapes:

  • Reduce maintenance requirements for care of plant material
  • Improve efficiency of water, money and YOUR resources
  • Enhance the aesthetics, quality and overall look of your property